Saturday, March 8, 2008

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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The historic success of Harry Porter is not without a reason. It is proved that the series of Harry Potter has broken various other records of the books written in the past. Keeping the legacy of the Harry Potter books all the novels have their distinct charm and interests which has appealed to the readers all over the world. In the 7 book series, the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets come in the second number. This popular book was published on 2 July 1998 and it has remained one of the most popular works on fantasy. This popular book deals with another interesting venture of Harry Potter who has now turned into his 12th summers. The readers can look forward to see a much matured Harry performing his skills.
Those who have the taste for adventures and fantasy can count on this wonderful tale of a child hero who shoulders the responsibility of protecting the entourage from the evil intervention. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets find Harry to be a bit matured individual with more polished thought process and ability. The story starts with the anxiety of Harry for not receiving any news of his friends during the unusual summer vacation. In the initial stage of the book we are made aware that Harry will be in mortal danger once he returns to Hogwarts. The readers felt sympathetic towards Harry Potter when he was being forcibly pent up in the room.
This adventure packed book is considered one of the indispensable parts of the Harry Potter Series. The story revolves around the Chamber of Secrets, in which the vindictive monster is there with the aim of destroying the people. Seeing the terrified Hogwarts’ students, Harry took the initiative to purge the academy from the monster. In order to escape that adversities some solutions was to be found. Harry was able to discover the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets with the help of Ron and Moaning Myrtle. As he enters the Chamber he finds an unconscious Ginny inside it. The story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets reaches its climax when Harry slays basilisk, with the sword although his arm was pierced by the creature's fang. But at the end Harry was able to destroy fragment of soul of Riddle.
At the end of the story, author portrayed the victory of virtue over vice and attributing all the courage and merit to the protagonist. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the readers find Harry Potter to have accepted much graver challenges and a more powerful opponent. The ventures taken by Harry make the book more interesting and adventurous. The Chamber of Secrets Book of Harry Potter has been made into films, which maintains the conformity with the details mentioned in the books. The children and the lovers of fantasy have ranked this book as one of the best of the series. This novel leads to some other fine Harry series, where we await some more adventures and conflicts of Harry Potter.
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